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So if you read my recent review and swatches for the Limited Edition Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette you will have read that I planned on depotting my favourite shades and putting them into a Z palette.

I depotted all of my MAC single eye shadows and put them into palettes. The texture is slightly crumbly and chunky but has good pigmentation. Has kate middleton ever been nude. Depot naked palette. My Z-palette is completely filled now with everything you could need! Makeup Storage Tutorials Brands. The Naked 2 and 3 palettes were a little tougher and definitely required heat.

The key to depotting all of these is patience! The texture is dry and patchy. Sunset smokey look, inspired by Densitlava on youtube. Me too, I bought them in reverse order so my Naked palette is only a couple months old and the mirror in it has already spiderwebbed.

You don't want to shatter your shadows, and then you pry it out of the packaging as pictured above. This is easier than it sounds, trust me! Repurpose your failed attempts: Have you ever done it? It's just that little bit bigger so it fits all three though I don't have the large size. About Violet I'm a domestic tabby cat and don't be fooled by my cuteness because I'm ready to conquer the world!

Each month you will get tips, peeks at what's coming, and a FREE printable right in your inbox! The original Naked palette was the easiest to depot of all! Comments Add a comment. De-boxing that sucker day 1! Editor's Favorites Readers often ask me what are my absolute, all-time favorites, and now you can find my current and long-time favorites all in one place!

Remove the Bottom of the Case click on the picture to view a larger image. Casting mature milf. It is not as coral as it shows in the pan. I ended up using a mini crow bar haha! Becca Chrissy Teigen vs. Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin. I tried to put it in my existing large palette, but it literally is about 3mm shy of fitting which is a shame. I've noticed that I have to put an extra magnetic sticker on the back of my MAC pans so they stay secure, but my Makeup Geek shadows pop right in there and stay put.

Please note that each swatch photo has different lightings, so the actual color may vary. This allows you to customize your compact with whatever makeup you want.

I predominantly wanted to depot my favourite shadows from the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette but after going through my palettes I realised there were a few more that I only really use a few shades from mainly Urban Decay Take your time and go around the entire pot loosening the glue.

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I was hoping to fit all three of the naked palettes in one The texture is dry and patchy. Gwen stefani naked. Second, eyeshadow palettes are generally speaking very visually appealing. I always hear people gushing over the price per shadow in the Viseart palettes- what a steal for such a high-end product.

I didn't want to chance them not fitting in the large so I got the pro and it works fine. Glad you visited my blog. I also have a more burnt, obviously-warm palette with yellows and oranges, as that's another colorful category I enjoy.

That puts us at 4. And are there any Makeup Rehab-ish topics you'd be interested in me breaking down in a future post? I ended up using a mini crow bar haha! I recognize your name from around the beauty subs on Reddit: At this point let's take the base price and see if the price tag is worth the 4. Depot naked palette. More from Modern Martha. With age the rubber packaging becomes so sticky and not travel worthy. Rubbing her tits. Many of the purples are Urban Decay but some are pressed indies. Wow, your way of depotting is much cleaner — lol!

I depot anything I can except for most high end palettes, anything with LE packaging, or anything with packaging that I like the looks of. The process to transplant your makeup seems simple: I have depotted some MAC eyeshadows and a few Sephora blushes. So as not to forget the name of the eyeshadow colors, I used a sharpie marker to label the bottom with the color name. Everyone likes pretty things, but you should figure out, within your budget and lifestyle, how much packaging is worth to you in terms of cold hard cash.

I can eliminate all of these- and most eyeshadow lovers with any semblance of a collection could do so as well. All things considered, why would you buy one? You can include an assortment of shadows, blushes, and even powders into one convenient and compact palette!

Marketer by day, blogger by night, writing is my passion. I like to depot everything, except lipsticks.

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I have a total of 4 Z Palettes in various sizes that I use for housing eyeshadow singles and blush pans. Dominican republic female escorts. I really love Urban Decay's shimmer formula. Get Updates by Email. I would love to depot all my Sleek eyeshadowpalettes and organise them by color!

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Place a piece of parchment paper between the bottom of the palette and the hot iron to keep from melting the plastic and having it stick to the hot iron that would not be good! I also have a more burnt, obviously-warm palette with yellows and oranges, as that's another colorful category I enjoy. Cheaper palettes that have an inconsistent quality will be depotted. Pussy xxxx video. Quick question- what brand are the purple rectangular eye shadows? Glad you visited my blog. My best advice to just to be super patient and gentle while depotting to avoid breaking your shadows, especially with the hard-case palettes.

I depotted my Naked Palettes and I love it! That option isn't available to everyone and should be factored into your calculations as those shades will take up space in your collection and lead to clutter and negative emotions in some cases.

If the shadow pot is NOT magnetic, cut the magnet label to size and use it to label the shadow pot. Beth Revis March 14, at 5: Unknown March 9, at 5: This shade is creamy but slightly powdery. Naked sex group I won my Unii Palette on Instagram a few weeks ago and was waiting for the perfect occasion to use it.

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