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Chia-Yi Liu November 22, at 1: I think saying that something is only for beginners is very condescending, IMO. Thank you so much for your support!

Do you wear a brow gel Christine? Would you say this one is more pink? I loveeee the pink theme! Also wish there were more mattes! Do you have any colors like Naked3? I do wish, however, for more matte colors; thats why i got the Naked Basics and I adore it!

Legendary Lure has a lot of depth! Neutral would definitely work for you, Kim! I personally feel that Naked 3 is the most different from the previous Nakeds and neither of the other palettes have significantly overlapping shades with this one. Jill ireland nude. Naked 2 or naked 3. I m torn between dior golden flower and ud 3.

Designed by Best For Blogger. The colors in it cant be beat! I see the darker shades are somewhat similar but paired with the lighter shades, they make a different look. I like light shades that they have added to this palette. Which Naked palette would you recommend for a very tanned, warm undertoned skin? Hey girl, I was just googeling for some Naked swatches, because I found this dupe and I found out that this UK ebay seller actually uses your swatch pictures for selling his own palette!

I was reluctant to purchase this palette but my daughter surprised me by buying this palette online. You could read the review in full and see the reasons why more specifically as I went through every single shade! When asking a question, please check the post above for information regarding pricing, availability, dupes, and availability, and keep discussion on-topic. Meet Singapore-based clay jewellery brand The current selling palettes all come with a synthetic eyeshadow brush Naked is single-ended while 2 and 3 include dual-ended brushes.

The swatches look awesome. Hot nude girls vagina. All in all, no real dupes here. Icequeen81 November 21, at You Might Also Like. Trick inner lidMugshot middle of lidFactory outer lidDarkside creaseStranger brow bone. Like those colors better…. Those with lighter, more pink undertones in the skin should opt for the Naked 3 as it gives an interesting hint of colour to complement this particular skin tone. The tin cases feel too heavy for me. I do not own N1, N2 or basics, but I plan to buy N3 and basics this year.

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I knew I was stupid for putting this up yesterday. This will be my first Naked Palette.

Naked 3 consists of rose-colored neutrals, where Naked 2 has more cooler taupe hues. Anime lesbians making out. Thanks for all the work that you do — although it was also through your excellent work that is pushing me towards buying it. My pale skin, red hair and green eyes need this in our life right now. I think I liked this much more than the originals!

My only complaint about Naked 3 is the fall out on Dust and Trick. Naked 2 or naked 3. Illamasqua Acute P is a cream product. I know they throw in half baked and the occasional bronze but an actual palette would be pretty. Entertainment From us to you Horoscopes Singapore Events. I hope someone can answer my question. Bdsm milf pictures. The makeup obsessed person in me is screaming get this as soon as it comes out!!!

Perfect for any skin tone or eye colour, the Naked 2 is the most versatile of all three and great for beginners. Related Posts Smashbox Full Exposure v.

Before I buy makeup I check this site for the swatches. Toasted N1Liar N3. Take a look at this in-depth comparison of the different palettes of Urban Decay Naked line. In person is it different enough to have both? Better mixed with the Naked Basics mini palette to cover the whole spectrum. I might do a holiday makeup look since the pink tones are so pretty and would look really nice with a deep lipstick. Do you think that Naked 2 or Naked 3 would work better for me?

I have a warm olive skin tone, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Some of these colors looks really similar to each other. Naked sex movies. Can you comment on how the fallout in this palette compares to the fall out in the first two?

And it is super-easy for this WoC to pass up.

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Gonna think very carefully before another one of those purchases. When asking a question, please check the post above for information regarding pricing, availability, dupes, and availability, and keep discussion on-topic. I always look at your site before buying any makeup!

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