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If I knew someone who could depot these right, this could be a possibility. College girls dancing naked. It started to fade after seven and a half hours of wear.

As others have said, the brush is amazing, I actually took it out of the palette and keep it with my other brushes. Urban Decay Smolder Eyeshadow. Urban decay naked smoky. Thank you and i look forward to reading over your other reviews. We now deliver to 66 countries worldwide. Delivery options Home Delivery.

It had so-so color payoff with a powdery, almost chalky texture that was prone to fading on the lid and going on unevenly. It still felt like it took twice as long than it should have to apply; it LOOKS significantly better but still required some tip-toeing around.

However, not a fan of the matte ones at all. Earn up to 69 points with the Beauty Club Card. Sex free tits. Nominated Day or Evening. Even the bad reviews are good for companies because if they are smart, they will try to fix the problems like BIte, did, for example.

Yeah, their build-a-palette system needs a complete overhaul. And the primer vs. Are you new to the world of foundation or have you never felt like you've found an ideal shade match? Absolutely disappointing, boring colors and terrible formula. Personally, I love that Temptalia tests things on her bare skin, so we have a baseline and everything is able to be compared fairly, without the use of a product that has nothing to do with the product or brand itself.

Brown, Wavy, Medium Eyes: I greatly appreciate everything you do to help me make better buying choices with the limited budget I have to work with. And you would absolutely have to be consistent with the primer you were using to test if you wanted to have consistent, comparable reviews across the board.

I regularly see complaints on UDs Facebook page shipping problems products arriving damaged and poor customer service. Kinda a snooze… I do love the looks you created though! I love the colors. The texture was softer and smoother with this shade, but it was prone to kicking up a lot of excess powder when you put the brush to it. Start your review 5 4 3 2 1. Thanks for putting this through your testing, Christine. Thank you so much for posting this. Sexy nude women in thongs. My collection will be disjointed.

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Execution needs to be better — especially on those mattes.

Considering that this is supposed to work to create smokey looks…yeah, not so impressive. Thanks for the review, Christine! But, the brush is life. Milf mia pics. Thanks for your review, Christine! The thing that sticks out to me is that all six of the new and permanent summer eyeshadows have some of the best textures that UD has put out ever. Can you imagine sitting there, blending away the same shade for over a half hour? I will say the brush that came with it is the best brush that I've had come with a palette like this.

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The texture was softer and smoother with this shade, but it was prone to kicking up a lot of excess powder when you put the brush to it. For example, tackiness, viscosity, color effect, etc? I have never purchased any of the urban decay palettes. And I so wanted to…. The fact that they are overly milking the Naked line and decreasing their quality is putting me off. Looking for the best makeup and beauty products?

Very intelligent and thorough. Glad I have until July to think this one over,lol. Fake hospital lesbian. Urban decay naked smoky. As for Naked Smokey… Hm, not too sure? I really like the Ammo palette and my very first UD palette was the skull palette in which was excellent. I was not quite impressed with the recent Naked on the Run. We would love to know you better so that we can make your experience more fabulous in the future!

Medium Brown Skin Type But today i got the smoky palette — is this a bad joke? I probably will reread this and make my final decision. It had nice color payoff and was the densest shade with respect to texture in the palette, though it felt more prone to crumbling compared to the version that was in the Vice palette.

Silver, Other, Other Eyes: The shades are nice, and I like the concept of the color combination, but they are rather dupable! I love the Naked palettes and I have a whole completist thing going on, but this looks like it just might not be worth it.

In a perfect world, I could dump out the shadows, remove the text on the cover, and use this gorgeous case as a Z-Pallete.

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I only liked the first two shades, and I have dozens of similar ones, with formulas just as good or better. I was really hoping it would be better because so many, even beyond this site, were beyond excited about this. Nude massage girl on girl. However considering this in my top three favorite brands I was let down at the pigmentation and butteriness of the product. I would buy more! I just wanted to reinforce that some who use primer may be very happy with this palette.

I did get it for 27 versus the 54 dollar full price through ULTA. Plus 3 loose pots of the shimmer. Urban decay naked smoky. Ciara sexy nude Tarte Powerful LE, is darker. It lasted for six and a half hours on me. Thank you so much for posting this. No need to feel bad, I am grateful for your honest review.

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