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Steve burton nude

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I assume it's because of the jesus shit. Have you ever posted about your fandom before? Actually I do like Kassie. Tegan big tits. Steve burton nude. Was Guza ever interested in writing for women who weren't outright whores? The dispatcher told her to ask the man his name, but that made him mad, and he ran out the door just as police arrived. I love how his character Jason Quartermaine went from being a happy-go-lucky rich guy who lost his virginity to a hot black girl, to a sulking, hulking, black leather jacket-wearing thug for the mob named Jason "Morgan" after a near-fatal head injury, btw.

I like Jason Morgan more and what about the other charachter he loved and his bond with Michael. However, his kids, according to this article, are 6 and 9. I forgot that Tyler suddenly bulked up as well. Steve also appeared in the soap Days of Our Lives. Not a Steve Burton fan although I am enjoying the hot pics but this is a great thread to discuss the revival of GH!

Knows his angles and always has creative ideas! He could do tough, funny, crazy, emotional, a very well-rounded actor and extremely well-cast for the role. When they moved him into a pairing with a trailer trash character whose fans are broke, his Monavie career tanked. Nude it video. She loved her husband that much? Get out of my house! November 10, at 5: Back to Trevor St. No values, no concern, no interest in beats or her creation, just 'yes, sir' and 'i'll take the check'.

This is not an attack on you being a fan of theirs, just wondering if you've ever expressed it here before. This is dumb even for a soap. Does he still use his fan events to shill it? The two divorced and Steve lived with his mother who was an optician. Don't know that those fans were buying the Monavie to keep the pairing together.

They seem to have forgotten that this show was not meant to be Daytime's attempt to emulate The Godfather.

Steve burton nude

Do you think you're smart enough to name a pasta from a picture? I watched it when Genie Francis and Elizabeth Taylor were on!! Just watched Friday's episode.

Isn't that kind of the way it works though? I never liked McBain until now, so weird. I loved him and Sam together. GH will suffer a great loss with the departure of Steve Burton.

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Major Right Wing Fundie. Dope naked girls. Is he still acting? He barely even cracks a smile on the show anymore. Austin Peck was way into Jesus and started sleeping with a costar, so I don't know how he worked that out.

Hopefully, he'll find something soon.

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Smith, who had been a friendly coworker, made some nasty fuss about it and they didn't speak. His family lives across the country yet he has his own domain at his old lover's home. Steve Burton is 10 years older than Billy Miller and looks it. I loved him and Sam together. He could retire quite easily. I have watched you on GH from day one, and even met you when you visited our town. Knocked up co-star and ex-girlfriend Becky Herbst twice while married. Skai jackson naked. Steve burton nude. I could have done with a lot less of other elements.

He was very successful at the Monavie con, R Burton wants to play an action hero and that means Jason Morgan. It may not work - in other circumstances, I would probably be against it OLTL was okay, but nothing mind blowing to mebut this is like medicine that I understand - take it and hopefully, things will be better in the end.

Silly question, are you ticklish? I have love Jason Steve since he started on GH. I have to disagree with you. He's definitely a fundie, although he denies it depending on circumstances. May the sun never set on the British Empire, or so the old saying goes.

October 19, at 7: Steve Burton and his wife Sheree Gustin were married in January Hope to see him on any show for a guest appearance that would be nice.

I think they all moved on after Burton did. Now he just hangs around I whines. He was still naked. R27, actually the trailer park trash girlfriend's fans are not that enamored with Burton because of things he said about the actress and her fans.

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Maybe Burton a little, at least back in the day, but there really is no hot hunk on GH, is there? I don't get it, but some of their fans on websites are spastic if anyone does not like them.

I will hate to see Jason go. Milf nude beach pics. April 10, at Carly, Jax, the return of the Cassadines, and Lesley's return from the dead. They lived in Cleveland and Chicago while he was growing up. Porn gym milf I so miss his rants. I don't know a think about LLC's character, except that I assume she's mob-connected. Steve burton nude. The fourth grade is still considered elementary school, but it's an "upper" grade of the K-5 system and the grade when kids who are now 9 or 10 really start prepping for middle The network knows that keeping JP around is a threat.

He even allowed Burton et al. Jason is spending his days tearing up and going around town with his usual glum expression because of Sam's baby not being his. Steve Burton Was a twink in the '80s, and slowly morphed into a hulking he-man.

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